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Watch Bready in Action!

Exactly how does Bready work? Click on Bready to watch the video.

  1. The consumer scans a bag of mix (only special Bready mixes may be used) and loads it into the baking machine, adding oil, water and yeast.

  2. The scan, which reads a radio frequency ID (RFID) tag on the mix bag, has already programmed the baking protocol for the specific bread variety. (Additional features, such as a steam function for a chewier crust and a garnish cycle, allow bakers to customize their breads.)

  3. Once the door is shut and a button pushed, the dough is mixed and kneaded inside the mix bag, then automatically transferred from bag to pan where it rises and bakes.

  4. The machine beeps when the loaf, cake, or dough is ready.

  5. The empty bag is wound around a rod for easy disposal. A non-stick bake pan allows baked goods to roll out effortlessly onto a cooling rack.


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