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New Baking Robot Delivers Fresh Baked, Gluten-Free Breads at Home

January 4, 2010

Introducing Bready®, a new robotic baking system that produces fresh baked, gluten-free breads at home. The new system, which was developed in Sweden, is designed for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. An answer to their problems may be at hand with the bread that loves you back.

Due out in February 2010, Bready is a departure from existing bread machine technology, providing a closed baking system that minimizes the chance of gluten contamination. Combining a mixing and baking robot and BPA-free mix bag, Bready delivers breads and cakes that are moist and soft, yet hold easily together as sandwiches and don’t grow stale as quickly as do typical gluten-free loaves. Guesswork is eliminated as consistent results are delivered with little intervention and minimal clean-up.

Holly Smith-Berry, president/CEO of Bready North America, says the product has received rave reviews from its independent home testers. “We asked people with celiac disease and parents of autistic children on a gluten and casein-restricted diet to use Bready for making gluten-free breads at home. The reaction was unanimous. They loved the breads, and most said they ‘couldn’t go back’ to eating their old bread.”

Smith-Berry, who has championed kitchen appliances for companies like Salton and Toastmaster, has experience in bread prep, from bread machines to toasters. “I’ve never seen such a grateful test group. These are people who really miss bread, and Bready is a solution for them,” she said.

Bready is more than just plain bread. There are ten mix varieties, which include sandwich white, mock rye, jalapeño cheddar, pecan spice, Mediterranean olive, French bread, pizza dough, hamburger rolls, chocolate cake and lemon poppy seed cake. The mixes are made from all natural ingredients, are free of preservatives, contain three parts per million or less of gluten, are high in fiber, heart-healthy and
domestically produced.

Here’s how Bready works: The consumer scans a bag of mix (only special Bready mixes may be used) and loads it into the baking robot, adding oil, water and yeast. The scan, which reads a radio frequency ID (RFID) tag on the mix bag, has already programmed the baking protocol for the specific bread variety.Once the door is shut and a button pushed, the dough is mixed and kneaded inside the mix bag until automatically transferred from bag to pan where it rises and bakes. The robot beeps when the loaf, cake or dough is ready.

Additional features, like a steam function for a chewier crust and a garnish cycle, allow bakers to customize their breads. The empty bag is wound around a rod for easy disposal. A non-stick bake pan allows the bread to roll out effortlessly onto a cooling rack.
Consumers can reserve a Bready robot and 4-pack mix sampler through the company’s website,

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